how to charge mi band without charger

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How to Charge Mi Band Without Charger [6 Creative Ways]

The Mi Band, a remarkable creation by Xiaomi, has captured the hearts of many fitness enthusiasts for its affordability and versatility. However, picture this scenario: your Mi Band’s battery is drained, and you’re without its charger. Fear not, for in this article, we’ll delve into creative techniques to charge your Mi Band without its dedicated charger. While the recommended practice is to utilize the original charger for optimal outcomes, these unconventional methods can prove invaluable in emergencies or tight spots.


Prior to embarking on any of these methods, it’s crucial to understand that employing unofficial charging methods might jeopardize your warranty, harm your device, or pose potential safety hazards. Approach these alternatives with caution and experiment at your own discretion.

6 creative ways to charge mi band without charger

1. USB Port:

Among the simplest options to charge Mi band without charger is leveraging a standard USB port on a computer, laptop, or even a USB-equipped power bank. Although not as efficient as the original charger, this method can act as a temporary solution.

how to charge mi band without charger with USB port

Find a USB cable with the appropriate connector for your Mi Band, and insert it into a USB port. Keep in mind that charging might take longer, so ensure you have ample time before needing your Mi Band again.

2. Smartphone Charger:

If you possess a smartphone charger sporting a compatible connector, such as micro USB or USB-C, you can attempt to recharge your Mi Band using this approach. Plug the USB cable from the smartphone charger into your Mi Band and allow it to charge. However, be mindful of potential risks, as the voltage and current output of smartphone chargers may not align perfectly with the Mi Band’s requirements.

3. Power Bank:

Power banks have evolved into indispensable accessories for on-the-go charging. When in a pinch, connecting your Mi Band to a power bank using a USB cable can be an effective solution. This method eliminates the need for a dedicated charger, proving especially useful during travel or emergencies.

4. Wireless Charger:

Should you possess a wireless charger compatible with Qi wireless charging technology, you might discover that placing your Mi Band on the charging pad initiates the charging process. Be sure to confirm whether your specific Mi Band model supports wireless charging before trying this method.

5. Solar Charger:

For those with a penchant for eco-friendliness, a solar charger could be a captivating alternative. Certain portable solar chargers offer USB ports to charge various devices. While charging times might be prolonged, harnessing solar energy offers a distinctive way to recharge your Mi Band without the conventional charger.

6. DIY Charging Station:

In situations demanding resourcefulness, crafting a makeshift charging station is conceivable. By combining wires, connectors, and power sources, you can design a rudimentary charging setup. However, note that this method requires a solid grasp of electronics and entails potential hazards. It’s advisable only for individuals confident in their technical skills.

While the ideal choice remains the Mi Band’s original charger due to its safety and efficiency, the unconventional methods discussed can be a lifeline when the dedicated charger isn’t at your disposal. Nonetheless, it’s important to recognize that using unapproved charging techniques carries risks, ranging from potential damage to your Mi Band to compromising safety.

Exercise prudence and regard these methods as provisional fixes until you secure the proper charger. If your Mi Band is under warranty, reaching out to Xiaomi’s customer support for advice on charging alternatives is the wisest course of action to avoid invalidating the warranty or putting your device in harm’s way.

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