How to find time to work out with full time job and baby

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How to Find Time to Work Out with Full-Time Job and Baby

As Mother’s Day approaches, let’s take a moment to celebrate all the incredible moms out there who work tirelessly every day! As a mom, you’re juggling a full-time job and taking care of your little one, leaving little time for yourself. Finding the time to work out and prioritize your health can be a real challenge. But fear not, because, in this blog post, we’ll share some amazing tips on how to find time to work out with a full-time job and baby. We want you to take care of yourself and be the best mom you can be, so keep reading for some great ideas!

10 Tips to Find Time to Exercise as a working mom

1. Make a plan

To make time for working out, it’s important to plan ahead. Take a good look at your schedule and see when you have some free time. It could be during your lunch break at work, early in the morning before your little one wakes up, or in the evening after they go to bed. Once you’ve found some potential workout slots, schedule them into your calendar, just like you would with any other important appointment. That way, you can stay on track with your fitness goals and make self-care a priority!

2. Get creative with your workouts

You don’t have to hit the gym for hours to get a great workout. Get creative and try to sneak in some exercise during your daily routine. For instance, you can take a brisk walk during your lunch break, do some squats and lunges while playing with your baby, or squeeze in a quick 10-minute workout video before starting your day. There are many fun and easy ways to get moving and stay active, even when you’re busy with a full-time job and a little one!

3. Find a workout buddy

Having a workout buddy can be an awesome motivator to stay on track with your fitness goals. Look for a friend or family member who’s also interested in prioritizing their health and fitness, and schedule regular workout dates together. This way, you can hold each other accountable and have fun working out together. It’s always more fun and motivating to exercise with a buddy by your side!

4. Take advantage of technology

There are tons of fantastic workout apps and online resources available these days, so take advantage of them! Download a workout app that you can use at home, follow a fitness influencer on Instagram or YouTube for workout inspiration, or join an online workout class. These are just a few ways to incorporate technology into your fitness routine and make working out more accessible and fun!

5. Take advantage of childcare services

If you find it challenging to work out with your little one around, consider using childcare services to your advantage. Some gyms and community centers offer childcare services while you exercise, so you can have some time to focus on your health and fitness. This way, you can take care of yourself while your baby is being looked after. It’s a win-win situation!

6. Make it a family affair

Working out can be a fun activity that involves your entire family. You can make it a fun, family affair by taking your baby for a walk or jog in a stroller, going for a bike ride with your partner, or playing an outdoor game with your kids. This way, you can bond with your family while also getting some exercise in. It’s a great way to spend quality time together and stay active at the same time!

7. Set realistic goals

Setting realistic goals is key when it comes to working out. Don’t try to do too much at once, as it can be overwhelming and even lead to injury. Start small and work your way up. Begin with a short 10-minute workout and gradually increase the time and intensity. Remember, progress takes time!

8. Keep it simple

Getting a good workout doesn’t require any fancy equipment or a gym membership. You can keep it simple and use what you have at home. Try using cans of food as weights, do some push-ups and planks on the floor, use a jump rope for cardio, or simply dance!

9. Remember the benefits

Regular exercise has many benefits that are important to remember. It not only helps you maintain a healthy weight and lower the risk of chronic diseases but also helps you feel more energized, improve your mood, and reduce stress. By prioritizing your health and fitness, you can take better care of your little one and handle your full-time job with more confidence.

10. Be kind to yourself

Last but not least, be kind to yourself, and don’t worry if you miss a workout or face a setback. Being a mom is hard work, and it’s okay if life gets in the way sometimes. Stay positive, be patient, and continue working towards your health and fitness goals. You got this!

Being a mom is tough, but taking care of your health and fitness can help you feel more energized and confident to tackle all of life’s challenges. By setting realistic goals, getting creative with your workouts, involving your family, and using online resources, you can find ways to fit exercise into your busy schedule. Remember to be kind to yourself and not beat yourself up if you miss a workout or have a setback. It’s all about progress, not perfection. Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing moms out there!

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