Fitbit Alarm Not Working

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Fitbit Alarm Not Working? – Here’s Your Quick Fix Guide!

So, your Fitbit alarm not working, huh? No worries! In this guide, we’ll chat about why this might be happening and how to fix it, all in plain and simple terms.

Understanding Fitbit Alarms

You know those little buzzes or gentle wake-up nudges from your Fitbit? Those are your alarms doing their thing. They’re like your friendly reminders to keep you on top of your health game.

Why Is Your Fitbit Alarm Not Working

Before we jump into solutions, let’s figure out why your Fitbit alarm might be slacking. What exactly are the causes?

1. The Tech Stuff: Glitches and Updates

Sometimes, the tech inside your Fitbit needs a little update. It’s like when your phone asks for a software update. Same deal. It might also be dealing with a glitch or two.

2. The Everyday Oops: Settings and Battery

On our end, maybe the settings got a bit wonky or the battery is feeling a bit low. These things happen!

Fixing Your Fitbit Wake-Up Call

Now, let’s get to the good part – fixing up your Fitbit alarm.

1. Give Your Fitbit a Brain Boost

Your Fitbit’s brain, or firmware, might need a little update. Go into your Fitbit settings and see if there’s an option to update. It’s like giving your Fitbit a little brain refresh.

2. Check Your Fitbit Alarm Settings

Grab your phone, open the Fitbit app, and look at your alarm settings. Make sure the time and vibrations are set the way you want. A quick check here can do wonders. Refer to this quick guide to ensure you have set the alarm correctly –

3. Dance with Bluetooth

Fitbit alarms and Bluetooth are like dance partners. If they’re not dancing well together, your alarms might be a bit off. Troubleshoot the Bluetooth on both your Fitbit and your phone. Get them talking again!

4. Have a Heart-to-Heart Sync

Manually sync your Fitbit with the app. It’s like making sure they’re on the same page. If they’ve been out of sync, this should bring them back together.

5. Charge Up Your Fitbit

Low battery can make your Fitbit a bit grumpy, including the alarms. Check the battery status and give it a charge. A charged Fitbit is a happy Fitbit!

For Stubborn Alarms: Advanced Moves

If your Fitbit is still not cooperating, try these fancy tricks.

1. Fitbit Spa Day: Reset

Think of this as a spa day for your Fitbit. A reset might clear out any issues. Just a heads up – it might delete some data, so sync up your Fitbit first.

2. App Reboot

Uninstall and reinstall the Fitbit app on your phone. Sometimes, apps just need a fresh start. Set up your Fitbit again, and you’re good to go.

3. Call in the Fitbit Support Heroes

If all else fails, reach out to Fitbit support. They’re the heroes of the Fitbit world, ready to help you out.

Keeping the Peace in Fitbit Land

To avoid future Fitbit alarm drama, here are some simple tips.

1. Give Your Tech Some Love

Update your Fitbit’s brain (firmware) and app regularly. It’s like giving them a little love and care.

2. Ask the Fitbit Masters

Check out reviews and forums for your Fitbit model. Others might have figured out some tricks. It’s like getting advice from pros.


What does a Fitbit alarm sound like?

There is no sound for Fitbit alarms, only vibration. You can change the strength of the vibration in the settings.

Does Fitbit alarm make noise?

No, Fitbit alarms does not create sound/noise. It creates gentle vibration on your wrist to wake you up.

Does Fitbit alarm work in sleep mode?

Yes, the Fitbit alarm works in sleep mode.

Final Thoughts

There you have it – your Fitbit alarm should be back on track. Follow these steps, keep these simple tips in mind, and let your Fitbit continue being your health buddy. Happy alarms equal a happy you!

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