Halloween gives me anxiety

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Halloween Gives Me Anxiety: 6 Simple Ways To Overcome The Spooky Season’s Scare!

You know how when fall rolls around and Halloween decorations start popping up everywhere? For many people, it’s a time of excitement and fun. But you know what? Some of us feel differently. Halloween gives me anxiety (NOT kidding!), and I know there are many people who feel the same way. I’m here to talk about why that happens and share some ways we can make this spooky season a bit less overwhelming.

Why Does Halloween Gives Me Anxiety?

So, you might be wondering, why does Halloween stress some of us out? Well, there are a few reasons. First, there’s this pressure to have a cool costume. And let’s be honest, picking a costume can be tough! It’s like we’re supposed to come up with something amazing, but what if we can’t? That can make us feel like we’re not good enough.

Also, Halloween is all about parties and hanging out with people. But if you’re like me and get nervous around new people, going to these parties can be scary. It’s like our hearts race and we worry about saying the wrong thing or looking silly.

And you know those spooky decorations and scary movies? They can really get to us too. Some people really like being scared, but for others, it can make us feel on edge and even give us those panicky feelings.

Stuff That Makes The Anxiety Worse

Some things during Halloween can make our anxiety even worse:

  1. Picking a Costume: Choosing the perfect costume can be hard. It feels like everyone’s watching us, and we don’t want to mess it up.
  2. Parties and People: Going to parties and meeting new people can be nerve-wracking. We worry about fitting in and feeling awkward.
  3. Scary Stuff: Haunted houses and scary movies can be too much. They can make our hearts race and even make us feel like something bad might happen.
  4. Too Many Treats: All those sugary treats might taste great, but they can also make us feel guilty and anxious about eating too much.

How Can We Deal with Halloween Anxiety?

Okay, so now that we know why Halloween can make us anxious, what can we do about it?

  1. Be Kind to Yourself: It’s totally okay to feel anxious during Halloween. We’re not alone in this. Let’s give ourselves a break and not be too hard on ourselves.
  2. Take It Easy: We don’t have to do everything. We can pick the things we’re most comfortable with and skip the rest.
  3. Simple Costumes: Our costumes don’t have to be super fancy. We can go for something simple that makes us feel good.
  4. Set Boundaries: If we need some time alone during Halloween events, that’s totally fine. Let’s communicate our needs with friends and family.
  5. Stay Calm: Deep breaths and relaxation can help us feel better when things get overwhelming.
  6. Find the Good: Instead of focusing on scary stuff, let’s think about the things we actually enjoy about Halloween, like carving pumpkins or spending time with loved ones.

Final Thoughts

So, if Halloween gives you anxiety, know that you’re not alone. It’s okay to feel this way. By being kind to ourselves, taking things step by step, and finding ways to enjoy the season without the overwhelming parts, we can make Halloween a bit less spooky and a lot more fun. And hey, if we ever need some extra help, there are friends, family, and professionals who care and are ready to support us.

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